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Innovision Financial Server

Innovision Financial Server uses protocols to provide a standard way for financial institutions to electronically deliver important account information. It is the most widely deployed protocol server in the financial services industry because:

  • Innovision Financial Server is a complete product that requires no other software or outside implementation services.
  • Innovision Financial Server is easy to use and can be deployed by firms of all sizes.
  • Innovision Financial Server is a superior technology due to its architecture specifically designed for protocols.
  • Innovision Financial Server provides online services at a lower total cost of ownership.

Innovision Financial Server is 100% created by Innovision and includes EVERYTHING you need to deploy protocol solutions at your organization.

Protocol Servers

Innovision Financial Server is an OFX protocol server, an IFX protocol server and can also be used to support any other industry or enterprise driven protocol. For a quick glance at possible implementations of Innovision protocol servers, see the product placemat below.

Deploying Protocols

Beyond its core capabilities as an OFX or IFX server, organizations can use Innovision Financial Server to integrate protocols for services such as:

Low Cost Wireless Access: The Innovision Financial Server architecture can be quickly and easily leveraged to provide access on wireless devices—without additional integration development. This translates to high functionality at a low cost. Learn more about how IBM Mid America Employees Federal Credit Union selected Innovision to provide this valuable service to its clients.

Secure Cash Management: Our protocol-based Cash Management module is a fully and tightly integrated solution that works the way you do, keeping your cash management tasks simple and powerful. No additional software middleware infrastructure is needed to deploy cash management services based upon Innovision Financial Server.

Client Side Software Development: Innovision Financial Server can be used to enable your traditional desktop applications with OFX and IFX functionality. Ask Innovision about how Creative Solutions is implementing this service in its Client Bookkeeping Solution.

Home Banking Functionality: Innovision Financial Server provides a flexible architecture that enables deployment of secure home banking functionality at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Innovision Financial Server is designed with security, performance and efficiency in mind, removing the need to set up costly middleware infrastructures.

Enterprise Architecture Framework: Innovision provides a framework for supporting the development and execution of the next generation of enterprise software development at your organization. This framework includes development tools to produce protocols and integrate them with other systems and a run-time environment to execute a configuration.

 System Requirements

For More Information

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