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NEPAL Developer

NEPAL Developer is a powerful tool used for protocol engineering, the process of validating and creating new or enhancing existing XML protocols to standardize and simplify information exchange. When the requirements for a project are outside the scope of existing protocols, NEPAL Developer is the solution.

The protocol engineering functionality of NEPAL Developer was used in the development of the industry-leading products, Innovision Financial Server and Innovision Health Server. Now, all developers have access to the advanced protocol engineering tools used to create enterprise software systems that use protocols for integration. As a tool that simplifies and facilitates the implementation of protocols, NEPAL Developer moves Innovision closer to its vision of "Protocols Everywhere".

Protocol Engineering

NEPAL Developer provides protocol engineering functionality to create a programmatic representation of a protocol that insulates a system developer from specific protocol details. This enables the developer to focus more on system-specific issues and less on protocol issues. Below are key focal points of Protocol Engineering within NEPAL Developer:

  • Developer Workbench: Developer Workbench (i.e. Graphical User Interface) provides access to the Protocol Engineering process that integrates conventional workflows such as requirements, analysis and design into a single, streamlined process.
  • Protocol Instruction: A Protocol Instruction represents an autonomous statement, command or question posed from one protocol-speaking endpoint to another in order to quantify and define the role of a protocol with respect to its interactions.
  • Protocol Models: Protocol Models describe the relationships between protocol instructions and other shared resources including message sets, data types, parameter definitions, object definitions and status codes allowing for more comprehensive analysis and decomposition of a protocol.
  • Protocol Components: Protocol Components describe each aspect of a protocol (Service, Environment, Procedure Rules, Encoding and Vocabulary) which when combined become a complete protocol system (i.e. a Pluggable Protocol Runtime).
  • Pluggable Protocol Runtimes: The end result is creation of one or more pluggable protocol runtimes as an outcome of the Protocol Engineering process. Pluggable protocols are complete protocol systems usable within the NEPAL Runtime system or other Java based frameworks.

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