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Innovision Technology

Innovision takes pride in its commitment to practicing formal software development processes. Process is critical to product development because it lowers costs, improves quality and reduces development time. Innovision Software Development Process (ISDP) is key to the development and advancement of Innovision's well-built and well-tested products.

Innovision embraces a vision of "Protocols Everywhere". NEPAL, a technology from Innovision, makes this vision a reality.


The NEPAL platform provides the architecture for NEPAL Developer, Innovision Financial Server and Innovision Health Server. Products built on the flexible NEPAL platform support industry-standard protocols to efficiently and securely deliver information to a variety of endpoints.

NEPAL is a platform product that provides a framework for building and executing protocol-based systems. NEPAL allows developers to formally specify a protocol and subsequently generate the tools, documentation and models that can be used to implement applications and systems utilizing that protocol. NEPAL provides an environment that enables developers to quickly create and deploy high-performance protocol applications.

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